Auditable Events: Hot House

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Tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll be across the Quay from the MCA, attending the Hothouse think-tank symposium thingy about, well, um, y’know, art and eco stuff.

I’m particularly looking forward to meeting and chatting with a few of the presenters, like Bruce Taper, who is described as a “Life Cycle Analyst”, from a Sydney-based company called Kinesis:

Our purpose is to develop new strategies and mechanisms to increase our clients capacity to tackle climate change, understand and manage their emissions portfolios, and promote sustainability.

The fact that Kinesis can support a dozen employees in this venture is a strong indication that “managing an emissions portfolio” (!!) is fast becoming an integral part of corporate business strategy.

However, it seems to be getting harder to come up with terms that don’t disappear into fashionable meaninglessness (like “sustainability”). Tony Fry, a bit of a legend and one of the keynote speakers at the symposium, has come up with his own term, “sustainment”, in a bid to sidestep the linguistic sludge of “sustainability”… I’ve yet to hear him speak, and will be interested to see how this new word works…

In the Balance artists Karl and Tessa from Makeshift will also be speaking… And Carbon Arts looks interesting too…

Maybe see you down there?

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