Here’s an ever-accumulating list of things for the Auditor to do between now and the start of November:

  1. Count and quantify (in watts, dollars, carbon) the lights used to illuminate the In the Balance exhibition at the MCA.
  2. Find out how much power the two lifts use (these are currently the only way you can access floors 3-6 in the MCA).
  3. Collaboratively audit the works of willing artists participating in the In the Balance exhibition. [UPDATE: The Future Farmers have begun this process with me already…]
  4. Meet with representatives of various paper companies to discuss recycled/unbleached options for printing on the Big Fag Press
  5. Also on the Big Fag Press – find out safer ways of disposing of contaminated water used to clean the press of ink and solvents
  6. Find out if the MCA uses recycled toilet paper for staff and visitors
  7. Get Paul Boundy (aka “Dr Worm”) to visit the MCA and do a bio-audit, exploring possibilities for onsite (or offsite) processing of organic and food wastes. [UPDATE – see this post for Dr Worm’s visit…]
  8. Investigate paper and plastic recycling possibilities for MCA public areas – why are these not currently used?
  9. Try to understand the meaning of “cultural value” in relation to resources used and wastes generated. When is an action “not worth it”? (this is a hard one…)
  10. Have a day off every now and again to go for a nice bushwalk

Reader, what else should I be doing?

5 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hi Lucas,
    In reading the lovely story of Ion and his pee breaks, I thought to suggest the possibility of installing urine diversion toilets at the MCA. We are currently (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS) trialling these in light of the planet reaching peak phosphorous in the not too distant future.

    Phosphorous is an essential nutrient for growing food and as it runs out, this will impact food security across the world. One solution is to source and use the phosphorous in our pee – hence these new innovative toilets. It’s a big challenge, cause so many people, especially city folk are sensitive about this kinda thing.

    I can say that so far the trials at ISF have been excellent, the only difference in design is in having two sections in the toilet, separating the waste. Straightforward stuff, from there it’s all about processing and happens out of sight.

    Just an idea.
    Love your work!

  2. Thanks Tania, that sounds great.

    I do think that the MCA could operate as an “innovation display partner” for something like these dunnies! – a place to publically demonstrate that a cool system such as you describe can actually work.

    Do you have a working model at UTS/ISF that I could come and pee on, and report back to the nation?

  3. Lucas in the spirit of keeping things somewhat achievable, what about:

    – In addition to Tania’s suggestion, a cost/benefit analysis on water restricting faucets and waterless urinals.
    – A discussion around the necessity of printed invitations to launches/events, or at least a review of the chosen printery’s sustainability chops and possible other more sustainable options.
    – A preliminary review of the ethical value of existing catering and cafe menus (the normal stuff like – organic vs. traditional, free-range vs. caged or barn laid chicken and eggs, availability of vegetarian and vegan options) and the budgetary effects of any possible changes.
    – Transportation of artworks to the gallery?

    Keep in mind I have no idea if the MCA are already across these things.

  4. Hi Lucas,
    thanks for including me on this site, its great not being in the show!
    You will be interested to know that you have not been included in any shows here either.
    But all that is about to change,potentially.
    I am preparing a proposal for a commission with IETM Australian Council for arts Collaboration that specifically addresses the area of environmental auditing climate change . It also aspires to link Australia with Europe.
    The project that I am proposing is on going and links two sites via live streaming.
    I shall not go into further detail but I could do with talking about the potential of us collaborating.

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