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Lucas Ihlein is an artist who lives in Sydney. He often works collaboratively, with groups such as Big Fag Press, SquatSpace, Teaching and Learning Cinema, and NUCA.

In recent years, he’s been working on a series of “blogging as art” projects. The use of blogging as a method of artmaking enables Lucas to follow a process rather closely, annotating experiences as they unfold, discovering learning (his own and others) as it happens.

Key projects carried out in this vein are Bilateral Kellerberrin, Bilateral Petersham, Bon Scott Blog, Gruffling, and Push and Pull Redfern – and now, Environmental Audit.

You can read more of his thoughts about blogging as art here (and if you’re interested in something a bit longer, here).

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Declaration of Interest: since 1998, Lucas Ihlein has been “on the books” as a casual employee of the MCA, initially in the MCA bookshop, then as a preparator and museum educator.

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