The Audience Travel Audit

The Audience Travel Audit is tallying up nicely. This is a way for those who stumble into the audit booth at the MCA to bring attention to their own before and after. I ask visitors how they got to the museum, and where they came from, and we plot these details on the blackboard in coloured chalk pencils.

I am constantly having to reassure shamefaced car drivers that nobody’s judging them, indeed it’s anonymous anyway. I just want their data! But as it turns out, many more folks seem to be taking public transport to visit the MCA:


(This photo is from a few days ago. When I get a sec, I’ll give a more accurate update on the league tables.)

And here’s Bec adding herself to the Travel Audit map at the exhibition opening night:

bec puts herself on the map

…and a closeup of the map epicentre in progress (different forms of transport are colour-coded: blue is train, red is car, yellow is bus, and so on).


I overheard one staff member of the Art Gallery of NSW wryly remarking to an employee of the MCA, that if I had just been collecting visitors’ postcodes as well, I’d be basically doing the job of the organisation’s Market Research department. Hmm…

4 thoughts on “The Audience Travel Audit

  1. As a random recognition of labour – I am pleased to notie in your photos that the MCA installers efforts in painting the walls white have been left visible, in addition to the lovely blackboard!

  2. thanks Melissa. Yes, there were a few reasons for that. One of them was that to fill the walls from floor to ceiling would have used 40 percent more blackboard paint, and poor Belinda and Garth the painters had already had enough of those noxious fumes, so we called a stop to the silly process.

    Also, the blackboard reaches to about the maximum height I can draw with chalk without having to stand on a chair, so it’s kinda pragmatic.

    Finally, I just kinda liked the aesthetic of a horizontal ‘strip’ of black rather than a filled-field…I can’t really explain why, though…

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