The all-seeing eye

MCA front yard, Bike rack

It hasn’t escaped my attention that there are some new bits of technology in and around the MCA.

This morning when I arrived I found that The Company Bike Rack had been shifted from the carpark (actually, carpark no more) around to the front of the building. This relocation is clever, on both practical and symbolic terms. Practically, it means that MCA visitors now have a convenient and secure spot to tie up their steeds as they visit the galleries. And symbolically, it “sends a message” that it is OK – nay, it is indeed the new cool thing to do – to ride yer bike to the gallery. Economical, successful.

And here’s something I spotted in the MCA staff kitchen:

MCA Kitchen, bins

I don’t know when this split waste recycling innovation came about. Can anyone in the office enlighten me? Was it related to the recent fanatical drive to collect plastic containers for Lauren Berkowitz’s piece in the upcoming show?

Plastics, rubbish. What’s next? How about a foodscraps bin for on-site wormfarming, MCA? Anyone interested? I know a worm guru who I’m sure would be happy to help out…

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