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food forest in progress
[The Artist-as-Family’s Food Forest in progress, as of July 8th, 2010…]

Patrick Jones, Meg Ulman and Zephyr Ulman-Jones work together under the moniker of “The Artist As Family”.

For their contribution to the In the Balance exhibition, they’ve been making an urban “food forest” in the grounds of St Michael’s church in Surry Hills. Check out their blog to see the work in progress, it looks rather lovely!

Tomorrow, Saturday July 10th, they’re having a Plant-in Day. Everyone and anyone is invited to come along and join in, bring something to add to the forest. In this post here, they make some suggestions for what you might like to bring along. (I’ve got some fennel seedlings that have needed planting out for a while now…)

Here’s the info from their callout:

Bring something edible, Cadigal or beneficial (herbs, perennial vegetables, ground-cover foods) to plant on the Food Forest floor between 10am – 4pm on Saturday 10 July.
Make a day of it and bring a picnic to 200 Albion Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

During the day and into next week, I’ll be trying to assemble a rough list of the Food Forest’s energy expenses, as my first environmental audit case study. Patrick says he has all his receipts in a big pile, so it should be possible (to some extent) to trace the resource consumption involved in the production of the project.

4 thoughts on “Join the Plant-in Day!

  1. Hey Lucas

    I’m a supposed “expert in auditing unusual things”, so I’ve got some stuff I can give you to help out. Hit me up at the next class or at the Plant-in-Day and I can send you some stuff.


  2. Squigs, that’s great! I’ll be calling on your expertise for sure, no doubt at drastically reduced rates…

  3. If your receipts are in a big pile, you should compost them and add to the project. 🙂

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