Cross-Promotional Product Placements

The following seems appropriate to mention now, given my recent musings on institutional critique and the machinations of what goes on behind the scenes in the art world:

mca membership drive image

As part of its current membership drive, the MCA asked me if I would consider donating one copy of each of the prints I’m making during Environmental Audit. I said sure, why not? One of the good things about printmaking is that you have extra copies, and they can be used for this sort of thing.

So, each week, one of these prints will be given away at random to a newly-enrolled MCA member. I’m looking forward to hearing from the Memberships Department as to who the first winner will be! I hope I get to reach down into a large sack, up to my armpit to pull out a numbered ball with the winner’s name etched onto it.

The catch (or is it the “bonus”?) is that I’m going to require the winner to come and meet me down at my Audit office, so I can do the hand-over personally (distance and mobility, of course, may make this impracticable in certain cases).

You can follow all this stuff on the MCA’s facebook page; and this link has all the gory details.

So there you have it! A cross-promotional gambit if ever I saw one. Feeding the hand that feeds me, and all that…

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…PS, speaking of cross-promotional hoo-har: don’t forget to check the EVENTS page, where I’m listing relevant things that come up as we go along. The latest events to note are Diego Bonetto’s weed tours (there’s one this Saturday), and an artist talk event I’m participating in (alongside Bonita Ely, Catherine Rogers and Sumugan Sivanesan, this Sunday 19th Sept…

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